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USB Milk Water Warmer - Insulated Bag for Travel Stroller, Baby Nursing Bottle Heater Supplies for Outdoor Use

USB Milk Water Warmer - Insulated Bag for Travel Stroller, Baby Nursing Bottle Heater Supplies for Outdoor Use

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Do you often feel that you are unable to maintain your infant’s feeding bottle at the right temperature when away from home? Look no further! For parents on the go and with no time, our Bottle Thermal Warmer Bag offers a way to heat the baby’s feeding bottle any time, anywhere. This bottle warmer is very portable with its lanyard and it is an essential item for every parent. It is time for us to get into details regarding the great item, whose creation was based on your convenience and safety.
Description and Features:
Portable and convenient system to suit your needs.

It also comes in handy as it has a portable lanyard that will allow you to easily carry it around when you go outside. This warming bag accompanies you wherever you go; whether walking in the park or on a trip with your child, it keeps always an easily available bottle warm.
Being universal, it stretches and fits best into the various baby feeding bottles. Don’t bother yourself over compatibility problems; our warmer bag can accomodate numerous bottle sizes and forms.
The warmer bag also contains good fabric material that is durable and easy to skin contact. This helps in providing good insulation of the baby’s bottle making it retain heat for longer periods.
Easy, Safe, and Reliable
Operation of the Bottle Thermal Warmer Bag is safe and convenient. Plug it in any USB port or a charger, and you are good to go. They do not require sophisticated installations, nor worry regarding replacing batteries.
This bottle warmer operates effectively with a voltage of 5V and a current of 2A. Finally, this is a goodbye to traditional methods like hot water baths and microwave heating.
The warmer bag has three temperature levels to choose from: high, middle, and low. Long pressing of the button for 3 seconds enables you to set the required temperature to match that of your child’s preference.6 will not be available if you would like to access this photo via API or editorially.
Product Specifications and Compatibility
Size: Approx, 30 cm x 13.5cm/11.81” x 5.31”
USB cable length: 1 meter
The Bottle Thermal Warmer Bag can be used in case of different material feeding bottles; therefore, this provides flexibility for every parent.
Kindly have it noted, that because of the difference in light and screen setting the colour of the item will not be same as those pictured. However, it will also be possible for them to differ in tiny dimensions as they were measured manually.
Package Includes:
1 Bottle Thermal Warmer Bag (other excluded).
1 x USB Cable
We say bye to cold and uncomfortable bottle-feeding using our Bottle Thermal Warmer Bag. This portraable and multipurpose warmer bag was specially designed to ensure that you always have warmed up baby bottle anywhere at any time without having to put your comfort or safety at risk. This must-have product has tear-resistant fabric and also user-friendly features. Feeding time made easy, and keep your baby warm. Get yourself an order for a Bottle Thermal Warmer Bag which is the perfect convenience in bottle warming.

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