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Transform Your Charging Experience: The Ultimate 15W Wireless Charger Pad Stand Speaker TF RGB Night Light for Lightning-Fast Charging and Awe-Inspiring Sound!

Transform Your Charging Experience: The Ultimate 15W Wireless Charger Pad Stand Speaker TF RGB Night Light for Lightning-Fast Charging and Awe-Inspiring Sound!

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Want to make a next generation charger? Look no further! The mini-sized wireless charger a portable flexible charging solution with full coverage compatibility to all devices that are compatible with wireless charging. It has a small size but has all amazing attributes; ideal for technology conscious people. This unique gadget has certain characteristics, as well as its purpose and advantages which will be discussed in this article.
I. The Mini-Sized Wireless Charger: Specifications
The Mini-Sized Wireless Charger boasts an array of impressive specifications that make it a top choice for charging enthusiasts:

Input voltage: 12V/2.5A
Wireless output: 5W-7.5W-10W-15W(Max)
Bluetooth Name: G63
Bluetooth audio power: 5W
Material: ABS PC
Product color: white/black
Lighting mode: 9 modes light
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Transmission distance: 5-10mm
Charging efficiency: 75%
Working frequency: 50HZ-20KHZ
Button battery capacity:
Net weight: 250g (Upgrade to Mini Size)
Product size: 15155.5cm (Upgrade to Mini Size)
It has the Bluetooth Speakerfunction, AUX and TF Card modes; therefore, you select on the audio source of choice.
The inbuilt battery is only meant for Bluetooth speaker use hence the charger has to be kept in power in case of wireless charging.
II. Experience the Versatility: Function Description
The Mini-Sized Wireless Charger offers a wide range of functions, enhancing your charging experience like never before:
15W Fast Wireless Charging: Have a painless fast charge for your compatible devices with no messy wires.
Atmosphere Lamp and Bedside Lamp: Make your charging station feel like a normal illumination point or convert it to a practical bedside lamp.
Dazzling Light Effects: It features 9 different light color modes that allow you to set the ideal atmosphere for your current mood.
Bluetooth Audio and Speaker Play: Play your best music wirelessly by pairing it with the inbuilt bluetooth speaker.
AUX and TF Card Modes: Increase your audio by using an external device in the AUX input or TF card slot.
Time and Alarm Clock Mode: A portable wireless charger that can also serve as a wrist clock or an alarm clock is the Mini-Sized Wireless Charger.
Click the "M" Button: Nine light color modes are easy to choose – from single shades to hypnotic galloping horses.
III. Package Inclusion
In each package of the Mini-Sized Wireless Charger, you will receive:
1* wireless charging pad
1* Type C Charging cable
1*User Manual
IV. Important Notices
To ensure the best charging experience and access to all functions simultaneously, please consider the following:
Use QC 3.0 power adapter: It goes without saying that the best performer should be used for the fastest charging as it is referred to a QC (Quick Charging) 3.0 power adapter (PA).
Power-On: Activate the Mini-Sized Wireless Charger by holding down the Second button continuously for three seconds.
Elevate your powering experience by getting a mini-sized wireless charger. With small but powerful functions such as high speed wireless charging and adjustable color lighting effects, Bluetooth audio, multi-device connectivity, the Tile Tracker, an array of accessories including a USB C and 3.5mm aux port and many other features. Get started with this incredible charger and experience ultimate convenience.

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