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Electric Rice Cooker Multifunctional Electric Pan Non-stick Cookware Hotpot for Kitchen Soup MultiCooker Cooking Home Appliances

Electric Rice Cooker Multifunctional Electric Pan Non-stick Cookware Hotpot for Kitchen Soup MultiCooker Cooking Home Appliances

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The Ultimate Mini Electric Rice Cooker: An Essential Appliance for your Kitchen.
Do you ever feel exhausted having to cook your food all in the kitchen including the rice and grains? Look no further! The ultimate mini electric rice cooker by BALASHOV – this is going to be one revolution in the kitchen domain. The mini electric rice cooker has a sleek design, great functions, and its interface makes it easy to use in any home. This article explores the different specifications and characteristics of this marvelous machine.
The BALASHOV mini electric rice cooker leaves nothing to specification. Here are the key specifications that make this appliance stand out:
Voltage: 220V
A mini electric rice cooker has a voltage is 220V which makes it highly effective.
Support: Retail, Wholesale, Customization, Dropshipping
BALASHOV mini electric rice cooker is designed for both individual customers seeking a single unit and business clients for large orders. A user friendly system that supports the retail, whole sale, customized and drop shippers.C
Steaming Height: 70mm
This machine comes with a 70mm steam height that gives perfectly finished rice or food all the time.
Power: 400/800W
The mini electric rice cooker has a 400/800W power capability to enable you make your preferred dishes fast and simple.
Pot Diameter: 200mm
This appliance comes with a spacious pot diameter of 200 mm, thus offers enough space to cook grains such as rice in large amounts.
Pot Depth: 75mm
Pot depth at 75 mm ensures that you will get properly done foods full flavours and nutrients.
Origin: Mainland China
Produced with great care in the mainland of China, the BALASHOV mini electric rice cooker is one of the best of its kind.
Material: As Shows
Indeed, this appliance is crafted with all possible care for it is made of high quality materials that make it durable and reliable.
Function: Rice/Grains, Stew Soup, Bake, Stew
The distinctive element about the mini electric rice cooker is versatility. It has a number of uses, including cooking rice and other grains or making soup, stew and baking.
The product has a number of functions which make your cooking work easy. Let's take a closer look at some of the standout features:
Feature 4: Pot for Cooking
The cooker comes with separate pot for cooking. This makes sure that there is even heating so as to give perfect foods all the time.
Feature 3: Non-stick Pan
While some might find cleaning up afterwards tedious, that’s never the case with this mini electric rice cooker. It is also convenient as it gets cleaned easily with the help of non-stick pan which saves your time and energy.
Feature 2: Multi Electric Rice Cooker
Not anymore do you need several equipment or appliances just for specific purposes. The BALASHOV mini electric rice cooker is a multi-cooker that gives you an easy time making different meals.
Feature 1: Electric Cooking Machine
This high-tech machine will give you the luxury of electric cooking. Bid farewell to conventional stovetop cook and welcome easy electric cook.
Feature: Mini Electric Rice Cooker
This mini electric rice cooker is compact but still portable, making it suitable for smaller kitchens and also dorm rooms, as well as being good for camping. Despite its smaller dimensions, it is never a hindrance to its functions and performance.
Certification and Capacity
Have faith in that BALASHOV mini electric rice cooker is certified for your protection. It is CE/EU certified with strict quality measures.
This mini electric rice cooker comes with a capacity of 1.7L that is sufficient for any household whatsoever. Will you cook a single serving or food for the whole family?
Brand Name
The Balashov Mini Electric Rice Cooker is not any ordinary appliance. BALASHOV is a brand that offers quality and reliability at affordable prices. It makes an excellent budget mini electric rice cooker.
Finally, the BALASHOV mini electric rice cooker is a multi-purpose, easy to use and stylish kitchen utensil. This is a mini electric rice cooker that has outstanding specifications, multifunctional attributes, and user-friendly design. So why wait? Get daily hassle free prepared meals in your kitchen by upgrading with an electric cooker.

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