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2.4G Radio Control 1:20 Engineering/Contruction Vehicle Toy Car

2.4G Radio Control 1:20 Engineering/Contruction Vehicle Toy Car

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The 2.4G Radio Control 1: The 20 engineering/construction vehicle toy car features both beauty and functionality in a single product. This cart has a simple, clean, and stylish design, which would surely attract any passionate person out there. Its smooth stainless steel architecture is stylish, durable, and will probably survive several generations of users.

This toy car has one of the best liners made up of the double wall polypropylene liner. The new innovation in its design makes it not only beautiful but also useful as well. This doubled wall construction allows heat loss and makes the drinks hot or cold retain during long time duration. The drink would remain cool even if it was summer and warm in case you were drinking during the winter period.

This toy car has an ultra-modern design and is accompanied by a 2.4G radio control system. This provides a tight and fast grip, which makes gameplay enjoyable. The radio controlled system simplifies operations while using it as a toy car, either navigating your way around obstacles or racing against your friends.

Overall, the 2.4G Radio Control 1: Any diehard toy lover should have a 20 Engineering/Construction Vehicle Toy Car. It has a good look that is built with toughness and latest features that make it superior among other similar products. This toy car will surpass even the expectations of collectors or just somebody who wants to have fun.

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