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12pcs Electric Drill Brush Head Cleaning Household Universal Tools Floor Tile Polishing Kitchen Bathroom Car Wash Descaling Set

12pcs Electric Drill Brush Head Cleaning Household Universal Tools Floor Tile Polishing Kitchen Bathroom Car Wash Descaling Set

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12pcs Electric Drill Brush Head: Versatile Cleaning for Every Surface
Are you bored out with traditional methods of cleaning and scrubbing on surfaces? The twelve pieces electric drill brush head is the revolution. A unique product with various brush heads, which will help you make any cleaning job easy. This brush head set can be used for cleaning of floors, tiles and in addition, one’s car.

Versatile Cleaning for Every Surface
In addition, 12pcs Electric Drill Brush Head comes with variety of surfaces for removal and painting preparations. The kit comes with twelve different types of heads that you use to easily clean several surfaces. This universal tool should be a necessity for any person who enjoys keeping their surroundings clean – from hardwood floors to ceramic tiles and even in exteriors of cars.

Polishing Function: Leaving Surfaces Shiny and New
The set of 12pcs Electric Drill Brush Heads have both the cleaning as well as polishing functions. With such formulation, it is possible to scrub dirt and stain from surfaces and also polish them to give radiant shine. Kiss old, boring floors and welcome fresh, like-new shiny ones.

Descaling Set: A Solution for Stubborn Stains
The annoying situation of being unable to get rid of obstinate stains even with intensive rubbing is familiar to us all. It’s here that the descaling set incorporated in a drill brush head set of this type saves the day by making it possible. The tool has been designed especially to be used on stubborn stains and scales that occur hard-to-clean surfaces, making your surfaces spotlessly clean.

Product Information
Now that we have covered the remarkable features of the 12pcs Electric Drill Brush Head set, let's take a closer look at the product specifications:

Product name: Electric drill brush head set clean and polish
Material: PP (Polypropylene)
Dimensions: For specific sizes, see options chart.
Size: 150 millimeters by 100 millimeters by 100 millimeters.
Color: Show as pictures
Package Includes
This includes a full package of a 12pcs Electric Drill Brush Head set, which has everything you will need for proper cleaning. Here is what you can expect to find inside:

Four brush heads (2inX1, 3.5inX1, 4inX1, and 5inX1)
10cm extension rod X1
scrub scrubbing pad X6 (soft pad x3, medium pad x3)
4in Sticky plate X1
Before making your purchase, please take note of the following:

We make sure the style of the product is uniform with the picture, but there might be several mistakes during manual measurements.
There might be minor color changes because of equipment or environment.
This will always happen as a different batches are bound to have slight variations.
The last reference is the receipt, please.

In summary, the 12pcs Electric Drill Brush Head set is revolutionizing the cleaning industry. This set comes with different brush heads for varied kinds of cleaning jobs, a buffing feature and a capacity to descale. Bid farewell to long scrubbing, and welcome back bright surfaces. Do not fail to incorporate this groundbreaking cleaning device into your daily routine.

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