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Wireless Car Play Adapter For Wired To Wireless For Android or Apple Auto Dongle Bluetooth 5GHz WiFi with USB C OTG Converter

Wireless Car Play Adapter For Wired To Wireless For Android or Apple Auto Dongle Bluetooth 5GHz WiFi with USB C OTG Converter

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The Wireless CarPlay Adapter: Upgrade Your Car's Infotainment System
Living in this era of internet and technology, we are more in need of contact with other people than ever before. This implies that nowadays it is almost necessary to be able to check messages, navigate through GPS and listen to our favourite songs when driving. Upgrade your wired CarPlay system to wireless through the latest innovation known as wireless CarPlay adapter which will provide the convenient means of driving.
The device is referred to as the Wireless CarPlay Adapter.
Wireless CarPlay Adapter – that allows you to remain with the Apple’s interface in pocket and enjoy CarPlay functionality via Wi-fi signal. These are days gone when we had tangled wires and expensive system installations in our cars. This adapter allows you to easily connect your iPhone with a car’s infotainment system so that you have no troubles.
Apple Wireless CarPlay Adapter.

Smart and Secure Driving Assistant
It synchronizes your iPhone’s applications on your display system in the vehicle, however, you can still utilize the original controller methodologies like a touchscreen, buttons or knobs. With that in mind, you will be able to enjoy full CarPlay functionality such as voice control, Siri, online music, navigation apps, phone calls & messages and do not compromise on safety.
Automatic Connection and Stable Performance
The CarPlay wireless adapter comes with Bluetooth 2.4GHz as well as Wi-Fi 5.8GHz for high processing speed and stability in connectivity. Connecting your iPhone to this adapter once would result into auto connection every time you plug-in your car even with your phone stored away inside the pocket or bag. Therefore, users will enjoy a smooth and without hindrance wireless.
Easy installation and compact size.
The Apple CarPlay wireless adapter was actually designed for ease of use as it is a plug-and-play device. All you need to do is get it connected to your car’s USB or a USB-C and complete the settings for connecting it with your iPhone. Since its small in size, it leaves very little room on the dashboard hence maintaining a tidier look.
Compatible Model
However, it should be noted that this only works in cars fitted with wired car play factory installed. This includes a USB to Type C or Type G adapter hence giving you more connectivity choices. It is compatible with all cars that work with this wireless Apple CarPlay. However, it is only compatible with Apple IOS 13 and above versions.

How to use the wireless IPhone CarPlay adapter in cars.

The first step is connecting the wireless CarPlay adapter to the car’s USB port that supports data transmissions.
Switch on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in your i-phone and connect with the wireless car play adapter’s connection credentials.
Tap Pair for iOS wireless operations or Use CarPlay on your iPhone.

Wireless carplay adapter – upgrade your cars infotainment system. Farewell to wired connection and costly installations. Experience smooth integration of your mobile phone with the car’s infotainment features for easier and more pleasurable driving. It is all about staying connected and being safe with the wireless CarPlay adapter.

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