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Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder Plastic Paper Towels Holder Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf Storage Box Portable Toilet Roll Holder

Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder Plastic Paper Towels Holder Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf Storage Box Portable Toilet Roll Holder

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Unravel Unlimited Ease in Using The Wall Mounted Toilet Tissue Dispenser
Does the messiness and cumbersome nature of ordinary toilet paper holders bother you? Look no further! Game changer in Bathroom Organization – Introducing the Wall Mounted Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder. The innovative design of this toilet paper dispenser will change even the usual daily routine.
Waterproof & Splash-proof: Keep Tissue Away from Moisture
The wall mounted water proof toilet paper holder has a water proof and splash proof design. Fret not, about your toilet papera getting all wet or ruined. The tissue dispenser ensures your tissue is kept away from moistures thus keeping it dry always. Good bye wet/soggy toilet paper!!
Versatile Multi-functionality: It’s More than just a toilet paper holder.
The wall mounted water proof toilet paper holder is multi-functional unlike the conventional toilet paper holders. This dispenser is different because it has a dual storage structure which goes beyond merely holding toilet paper. In addition to that, it also has a draw- organize side which is very useful if you want to pack your plastics, sanitary towels among others. Therefore, everything you need should be in proximity.
Phone Holder: Keep your phone in reach but safely.
Today, many people also tend to carry their phones and other electronic devices into the toilet. This is also taken into account in the Wall Mounted Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder that has a built-in phone holder. It has a hook on top where you can put your phone or tablet as you are occupied with the bathroom matters. You no longer fear of dropping your phone while watching your most desired show or scrolling on a social media platform.
Top Organizer with Drainer Hole: A Cleaner and Drier Experience
You need to keep your bathroom clean, and this is where the Wall Mounted Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder comes in handy. It has a drainage hole in its top organizer, keeping the top uncluttered and dry.o It ensures that no moisture and filth can stick on the surface of the bathroom so as maintain cleanliness.
Semi-automatic Switch: Hassle-free Tissue Replacement
In this case, changing the roll on an empty toilet paper may be very irritating. However, Wall Mounted Water-Proof Toilet Paper Holder makes it so easy. This comes with a semi-auto switch that makes it simple and easy to replace your tissue quickly. No more suffering with uncontrollable rolls or losing time to fight with the holder. Ensuring a seamless experience each time.
Enhanced Versatility: Two exits from which roll tissue is separated, but removable tissue is not.
The Wall Mounted Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder is more flexible, featuring two egresses; one of which has the paper and the other is detachable. This enables you to select particular type of tissue depending on the need either of the classic roll or disposable tissue package. There are no restraints, choose that which suits you best.
Cutting Edge Design: Precise Roll Tissue Cutting
Wave your adieu for the ripped or haphazardly divided toilet paper. This wall-mounted waterproof toilet paper holder has a unique design for sharp roll tissue cutting. Therefore, this will ensure that you have clean and even cuts thus giving a great experience in your bathroom.
Stylish Color Options: Monochrome or Bi-chromatic.
Why should bathroom accessories not also be stylish? It comes in two classy colors; black and white or grey and white. Enhance your bathrooms’ look with a sense of style you can choose the most suitable one which will match up with all your bathroom décor.
Effortless Installation: No Need for Drilling
Worried about complicated installation processes? Don't be! Unlike the traditional toilet paper holder, this version is easily mounted on the wall and no drilling is required. Just refer to the provided guide, and your new dispenser will be ready to use in no time. This is convenient for a person, who leads a hectic life style and loves comfort.

Material: ABS+PS+PC
Package Included: 1 x Waterproof Tissue Box
Start upgrading your bathroom organization by acquiring the Wall Mounted Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder today, 28th October 2011. The toilet paper holder is made into something sleek, clean and very accessible for you with no extra effort needed on your part. This model of dispenser features the latest technology to make it waterproof for all day usage. It also has the ability to dispense more than just soap, such as toothpaste or shower gel making it an important fixture in a contemporary bathroom. Additionally, it comes in many vibrant colors Try this new solution, don’t let it slip away – place your order today!

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