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W2 ATV TV Box Android 11 Amlogic S905W2 Support 4K AV1 2.4&5G Wifi BT with Google Voice Remote 2G16G 4G32G 64G Smart TV Box

W2 ATV TV Box Android 11 Amlogic S905W2 Support 4K AV1 2.4&5G Wifi BT with Google Voice Remote 2G16G 4G32G 64G Smart TV Box

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Introducing the W2 ATV Android TV Box

High-Quality Video Output at Your Fingertips

Do you get tired when watching favorite films and TV programs on an ordinary monitor with mediocre sound and image quality? If you are looking for a smooth viewing experience, consider the W2 ATV Android TV Box equipped with modern functionalities. The TV Box comes equipped with 4K @ 60 Hz video output, HDMI-Compatible 2.0 connectivity as well as a robust quad-core processor which raises the bar of home entertainment.

Immerse Yourself in Realistic Visuals

4K @ 60 Hz Video Output

The W2 ATV Android TV box provides 4K (3840 by 2160) resolution with 60 Hz frame rate for videos’ high-quality output. Herein implies that every minutest detail pertaining to your favorite films, television programs, and video games shall be displayed on your screen in unmatched image sharpness and reality. Bid farewell to fuzzy pictures and welcome sharp imaging.

Seamless Connection to Your TV

HDMI-Compatible 2.0

It is not difficult to link up your TV with W2 ATV Android TV Box. You will have easy connection of the TV box to your TV through the HDMI-Compatible 2.0 output so that it is a smooth watching. Now say goodbye to tangled cables and complicated setups and here come hassle-free entertainment.

Store All Your Favorite Media

64GB eMMC Internal Storage

W2 ATV Android TV Box is your solution for all your favorite movie, TV show as well as game storage needs. In addition, it comes with a whopping 64 GB eMMC for all your media without worries. You now can have everything you need for entertainment in one place available as and when required.

Connect with Ease

Bluetooth 4.0

You can also connect your remote control wirelessly with this device. Additionally, it has Bluetooth version 4.0. Say goodbye to entangled cords and limited portability. You will experience convenience and control your TV box from any part of the room with Bluetooth 4.0.

Enhanced Video Streaming Experience

4K AV1 and 2.4G & 5Ghz WiFi

There is an opportunity to rise to another level with regard to video streaming, this time with the W2 ATV Android TV box This feature also allows you to access 4K AV1 video stream that has better resolution taking relatively lower amounts of data. Also, it boasts of up to two WiFi networks with dual 2.4G and 5Ghz for fast data transmission and stronger signal.

Effortless TV Box Control

Google Voice Remote

There is no easier way of controlling a TV box other than Google Voice Remote for the W2 ATV Android TV Box. The remote has a voice control function which means that you just say what it is you want to find so as to save time. Bid farewell to tedious navigation and welcome effortless user experience.

Fast and Smooth Performance

Amlogic S905W2 Quad Core

They use the powerful Amlogic S905W2 Quad core ARM Cortex A35 as their main computer. It guarantees seamless performance when watching television and gaming. Bye-bye lags, welcome smooth entertainment.

Graphics-Intensive Apps and Games

Mali-G31 GPU

The W2 ATV Android TV Box enables you to watch smoothly graphics rich mobile applications and games by virtue of its Mali-G31 GPU. No matter if you are a casual player or a committed hardcore, your television will have the smoothest gaming experience with that super-charged graphics card.

Choose Your Preferred Configuration

Memory and ROM Options

Flexibility of configuration for the W2 ATV Android TV Box at your disposal. It comes with an optional two GB or four GB of Memory and sixteen, thirty-two, or sixty-four gigabytes of ROM, depending on the preferences of the user regarding the storage and performance. Bid farewell to restricted RAM and welcome your unique play-machine.

Conclusion: Upgrade Your Entertainment Experience

In conclusion, the W2 ATV Android TV box delivers top-notch videos, easy accessibility, massive storage space, and convenient handling in your household TV arrangement. This TV box provides a fully engaging and great experience with movies, gaming, and streaming of preferred content. Take your entertainment a step further by investing in the state-of-the-art W2 ATV Android TV Box and discover a new height of satisfaction.

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