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Usb Handbrake Racing GamesBrake System16 Bit For Logitech G25/27/29 T500 Aluminum Alloy Drift Dirt Rally With Sim Handbrake

Usb Handbrake Racing GamesBrake System16 Bit For Logitech G25/27/29 T500 Aluminum Alloy Drift Dirt Rally With Sim Handbrake

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  • PC USB Handbrake: Three Color Options for Improved Sim Racing Experiencemans. Itemadd. Itemname: 3 Color Options for Improved Sim Racing Experiencemans.
    A sim racer who is very passionate about his or her game and wants to take it to the next level. If you are looking for more powerful compatibility, look no farther than the PC USB Handbrake that has got all the good features. This handbrake is meant to provide realism and thrill in your simulated racing journey whether you are a newbie or an experienced user.
    Powerful Compatibility: Designed for Ultimate Sim Racing

    The Handbrake for PC USB is compatible with multiple types of Windows sim racing steering wheels. The handbrake supports popular brands such as Logitech G27, G29, G920, G923, t500, and T300, which makes it perfect for serious sim racers. Bid farewell to all compatibility issues as you game to your heart’s content!
    Automatic Calibration System: Unmatched Accuracy
    Sick and tired of having to reset your handbrake prior to each race? The USB Handbrake has an automatic self-calibrating system which maintains accuracy even over the period of prolonged operation. This eliminates the trouble of installation and calibration. It calibrates itself by default thus sparing you a lot of time and energy. Just plug in and play!
    Long Spring Life: Durable and Reliable
    The long spring life in PC USB handbrake ensures good service for many years. Say goodbye to any concerns of the wear and tears impacting on fun in playing. These springs are specifically created out of moulded alloys, making them reliable and giving a smoother racing experience.
    Race Simulator at Your Fingertips: Realistic Gaming Experience
    Feel a real race, using PC USH handbrakes. It is perfect for both straight and curvy racing games, allowing it to cater to wide range of gaming tastes. Plug it in then jump into the virtual driving experience without the need for extra drivers.
    Easy Installation: In no time, ready to race.
    The process of installing PC USB Handbrake is easy. You can also simply plug it in to a USB port on your pc and you are ready to go racing within minutes. There is no need for hard installs; just load and play. Handbrake is developed to make it easy to install even for new users thus making it one of the best torrent downloaders.
    WIN System Applicable: Compatible with Your Operating System
    Compatible with multiple operating systems. PC USB handbrake works with Win system, making it work even if you have a different setup. This handbrake works well on all windows of version 7, 8 and 10.
    Adjust the Height: Customized for Your Comfort
    Moreover, with the PC USB Handbrake, you can adjust it to make sure that while playing, you have all the necessary ease and convenience. It is equipped with an internal spring that enables you to attain the height that suitably offers the best pulling position. Adios to any uncomfortable gaming experience and welcome to your bespoke set up.
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    About Feedback: Your Satisfaction Matters
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    About Warranty: Peace of Mind Guaranteed
    The PC USB handbrake comes with a 1 year warranty. We guarantee free repaires and replacement in the first year. The following two years have a repair option, however additional expenses for any parts replaced. Should you not be satisfied with the product and want to send it back, kindly do so within a period of one week of its receipt. All the goods to be returned should be like-new and cannot be subjected to any type of abuse.
    Enhance your sim racing by using the PC USB handbrake. This handbrake has very powerful compatibility, auto-calibration system, long life of springs and custom options that makes it a must-have accessory in any serious sim racing shop. Make it realistic to have a real race in your living room and be the best driver you can become through the futuristic technology known as sim racing for the future of racing.

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