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TUYA WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker With Metering 63A Wireless Remote Control Switch by APP Voltage Kwh Meter Time Relay Loop Timing

TUYA WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker With Metering 63A Wireless Remote Control Switch by APP Voltage Kwh Meter Time Relay Loop Timing

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1. Remote control at anytime from anywhere
2. Schedule/Timer/loop timer
3. Voice control by Amazon Alexa / Google assistant
4. Energy monitoring(Metering, 1-63A VA protect)
5. Working Voltage:AC 90-300V 50/60Hz
6. Connect: 1P+N
7. Current type:6A 10A 16A 20A 25A 32A 40A 50A 63A
8. Mechanical Life: Over 100000 Times
9. Working Temperature: -25℃-70℃
10.Wireless type:Wifi 2.4GHz

TUYA wireless remote control switch is with an App-based wifi smart circuit breaker.
There is very little, if anything, that a digital age has failed to conquer, including the process of administering and observing out homes even while away. An example of this innovation is the smart circuit breaker with metering 63A that utilises wifi technology in order to provide us with more efficient and safer electrical system. Time for a closer look at its special powers.
Feature 1: From anywhere and anytime, Remote Control.
Get smart with the TUYA WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker and control your electrical appliances and devices any place, anytime. Your circuits can simply be turned on or off through the touch of a button when you may be home or miles away. One important feature that is very useful is controlling electricity consumption in absence and facilitating security while outside home.
Feature 2: Schedule/Timer/Loop Timer
No more going round and round, flipping off your circuits or appliance to turn them off individually. Create schedules and loop timers on your own will using TUYA WIFI smart circuit breaker. This could mean scheduling the lights to come on every day at a particular time and have the house always well lit even in absence of a resident. This feature is designed with auto-saving energy that is highly secure on your property.
Feature 3: Amazon Alexa, /Google assistant voice control.
Home automation has reached yet another dimension with the incorporation of the TUYA WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker that is compatible with popular voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Now, you can control your circuits conveniently through just vocal commands. Just tell the Alexa or Google Assistance to shut down or light up a certain circuit, and it will work immediately. The fact that it is hands free improves its convenience and accessibility; this feature may be crucial for certain physically challenged users.
Feature 4: Protective devices such as Metering and 63A VA protector.
The TUYA WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker can be used to track your energy usage as it happens in real time. It measures precisely voltage, current, and power enabling you monitor your consumption. You would be able to have this information on your fingertips which will help you come up with energy saving strategies or detect any anomalies.
Feature 5: Working Voltage: AC 90-300V 50/60Hz
TUYA WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker can be used by different electrical settings. Works well with an AC operating voltage of 90 – 300V @ 50/60Hz. With this flexibility, the circuit breaker is able to easily fit in diverse home and business power configurations.
Feature 6: Connect: 1P+N
One pole and a neutral pole is what makes up the 1P+N connection found in the TUYA WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker. With this setup, there is assurance in providing the necessary security against power surges, direct shorts, and other electrical errors. Adding a neutral pole completes the grounding scheme and thus balances the electrical system within your home or business place.
Feature 7: Category: 6A/ 10A / 16A/40A / 50A/63A DC supply DC-40A/50A/63ADC supply DC-40A/40A/50A/6
In order to serve several types of electrical loads demands, the TUYA WIFI has different current variants. Whether you require a circuit breaker suitable for domestic use with an amperage rating from 6A to 63A. This makes it easy for you to choose the ideal AC type with regards to particular electric needs.
Feature 8: Mechanical Life: Over 100000 Times
The key thing to remember about every electrical device is durability. Mechanical life is over 100,000 switching on and off (times). Therefore, each repetition of the operation of this breaker does not lead to a considerable destruction of it and its deterioration in performance. This means that by buying this dependable and durable product you will ensure safe and effective functioning of your electric system for a long time.
Feature 9: Working Temperature: -25℃-70℃
Electronic devices are highly sensitive to extreme temperature conditions, which may result in compromised functionality and shorter operational period. But it can work in extreme conditions like -25°C up to 70°C. You can rest assured that this circuit breaker will maintain reliable operation regardless of whether you are living in a cold climate or in hotter and more humid areas.
Feature 10: Wireless Type: Wifi 2.4GHz
To ensure reliability of the communication, the TUYA WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker makes use of wireless connectivity using the Wifi at 2.4GHz. Through your home WiFi, circuits would be controlled and monitored just by simply plugging in and setup without any unnecessary cabling or cumbersome installations. The wireless nature of this capability will make it possible to integrate seamlessly with your smart home system bringing you exceptional ease of use.
Finally, the TUYA WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker of 63A having Metering is an excellent gadget offering modern facilities and automated intelligence. The remote control feature of this system make it suitable for modern homes also. Besides, as it incorporates energy monitoring and voice control, it can also be integrated with strong protection methods as it suits. This smart circuit breaker is designed to help you effectively mange your electrical system, increase energy efficiency, and ensure your property safety.

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