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Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Lotus Unique Gift Helpful for Meditation Yoga Relaxation Chakra Healing Prayer and Mindfulness

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Lotus Unique Gift Helpful for Meditation Yoga Relaxation Chakra Healing Prayer and Mindfulness

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Unique Design

You can use lotus shaped singing bowl design in meditation to create an interesting dimension to the experience.

Chakra Healing

They are also perfect in balancing your chakras that eventually leads to your wellness.

Relaxation and Stress Relief

Singing bowls may serve as a method of reducing stress in life that is characterized by constant hassles.

Mindfulness and Prayer

Using them in mindfulness meditation and prayer will help you to dive even deeper into your spiritual practice.


  • Widely application
  • Clean and sanitary
  • Durable high-quality material
  • Ease of use
  • Handmade
  • Quality materials
  • Wonderful sound
  • Relaxes the eye area

Instructions for Use

  • Ensure that you conduct an inspection of the quality and consistency of the product prior to using it.
  • Clean it after use and preserve properly.
  • Note: This could be caused by inherent inaccuracy associated with measuring manually. This is because of the variance in different monitors and hence the image could be misrepresenting the real color for a product. Thanks.

Material: High-quality metal

  • Color: Bronze
  • Size: 3.3"
  • Package includes: Handmade meditation bowl of size three and a half inches, hand-sewn silk cushion, mallet covered with leather.

Meditation is an ancient method

Meditation is an ancient method that people have used in order to relax their minds, focus their minds on current realities, and engage in spiritual growth. It is a process of reaching an inner peace and stability within one’s self in the midst of unrest. Lately, meditation bowls have become popular means of improving upon mediation. Designed particularly for meditation, singing bowls add an element of aesthetic value to a meditative practice.

Singing bowls come in special designs

Singing bowls come in special designs that look great and are appealing to the user by their visual effects; they can be found mostly with the lotus pattern and usually enrich inner space for meditation practices. Many religions regard the lotus as holy representing purification, awakening, and re-birth. The singing bowls are designed to integrate its presence, which is vital for elevating the spiritual experience and creating an ambiance that is both serene and welcoming.

Besides being aesthetic items

Besides being aesthetic items, singing bowls are beneficial to meditation practitioners’ activities. Chakra healing is one of these benefits. There are seven chakras in the body which promote healthiness, emotional balance, and consciousness. The people who have their energy centers balanced feel whole and harmonized. They resonate at frequencies associated with the various chakras thus balancing and harmonizing them when struck or rubbed against a mallet. It, therefore, boosts general health leading to better meditation outcomes.

Additionally, singing bowls can be used

Additionally, singing bowls can be used to promote relaxation and reduce stress. These bowls create soft tones that relax one’s mind and relieve stress and pressure within the body. Meditation itself decreases stress and anxiety with an added advantage of singing bowls that improve relaxation effects. The mind has something upon which it can focus and this leads to calmness and peace both inside and outside of the person.

One may also use singing bowls

One may also use singing bowls in doing mindfulness meditation, prayer, or other spiritual exercises. This is about paying attention in the current time with an open mind without judgment. Singing bowls provide anchors that keep practitioners attentive to their breath or the sound waves, respectively. This also enables people to focus more on their meditation and actually be present in the current state. In this regard, singing bowl is also applied in prayers creating a holy place that provides one with the divine presence and deepened spiritual experiences.

Singing bowls have many qualities which qualify them

Singing bowls have many qualities that qualify them for use in meditation and other spiritual rituals. To begin with, they consist of strong metals for long life. Therefore, they make great investments for people looking for meditations that can benefit them in the long run. Moreover, the craftsmen make the singing bowls by hand, which provides uniqueness over ready-made goods. Quality materials also ensure superior quality of sound which translates into a rich and resonant audio quality that listeners enjoy.

It contains a 3.3” meditative ceramic bowl

It contains a 3.3” meditative ceramic bowl, a handcrafted silk cushion, and a covering of a mallet made of leather. The cushion functions like a comfortable foundation for the bowl that is able to support the bowl during meditation. The leather-covered mallets are meant to facilitate easy production of relevant sound by any person with ease. It contains all the necessary components of meditation.

Lastly, the distinctive looks and use of the singing bowls

Lastly, the distinctive looks and use of the singing bowls will be considered in this essay when discussing their worth as something that can boost a person’s meditative endeavor by improving their level of consciousness and faith. Singing bowls are increasingly popular due to the fact that they can be used for balancing chakras, relaxation, meditation, and prayers, among other purposes. Such features like materials and crafts made from hand with superb sound are what make a really meditative and enriching experience.

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