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T30 10.26 AI Screen Dash Cam Android 12 System Carplay Android AUTO 5G WIFI GPS Navigation Rearview Mirror Camera Video Recorder

T30 10.26 AI Screen Dash Cam Android 12 System Carplay Android AUTO 5G WIFI GPS Navigation Rearview Mirror Camera Video Recorder

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OBDPEAK T30 10.26 AI Screen Dash Cam: Revolutionizing Your Driving Experience

The OBDPEAK T30 10.26 AI Screen Dash Cam – an advanced tech, that will make your drive more comfortable. This dash cam has Andriod 12.0 system, wireless Carplay and Andriod Auto support which makes it useful especially for every car owner.
Function Introduction
It has latest android 12.0 system support T30, enabling it to connect to Wi-Fi and download apps like Google Store, maps and online videos using play back software. It features a preinstalled video and music playback program where one can enjoy audio and visual entertainment away.
Wireless Carplay and Android Auto
With a T30, you can easily do phone calls, listen to music, and use navigation as well as to send text-messages; it is also possible to activate Siri – all these without losing focus on driving safely. You can as well connect the smartphone with your vehicle’s dash cam through wireless connections via bluetooth or Wi-fi.
A comfort-oriented and safer driving.
The T30 provides an array of advanced aspects that make your ride comfortable and enjoyable. This is a user friendly 10.26-inch 2.5D IPS touchscreen that will give you easy access for map navigation, listening to music, making and answering phone calls as well as viewing messages. High-fidelity audio output offers an outstanding sound performance while giving options of wireless bluetooth connection, FM output and Aux audio output.
Wireless Mirror link and WIFI Network Connection
The T30 also enables easy internet usage whereby it links up with mobile phone hotspots and various WIFI networks for seamlessness. It allows internet browsing, accessing Google Play, and playing music and videos online.
Innovative External Camera
An optional external camera, which supports FHD 1920×1080 P recording is offered on T30 units. Having innovative outside look, this device allows installation in various ways including front and rear cameras. This shows reverser images and takes video recording, which increases safety and security when driving.
OTA Remote Update
With this feature, they can update your T30 by OTA remote updates at any time you require. It also ensures quick resolutions of any problems experienced by customers, enhances the general customer experience, and cuts on return charges.
Q: How does Carplay/Android auto output audio via bluetooth?
A: How to enable bluetooth audio output in carplay/android auto mode.

Select Carplay or Android Auto in the primary display of the car’s interface.
Select settings at the bottom right corner.
Select the Audio Separation feature.
Go ahead and flip right turn for audio-separation.
Use a phone connected to Carplay or Android in order to connect your car audio system through Bluetooth.
Q: Setting up Bluetooth Audio while on Android.
A: Steps followed in order to play Bluetooth audio through Android platform.
Select audio output option on the main page.
Then, open the bluetooth transmission switch, click more settings.
Search for car audio signals.
Pair with the car Bluetooth.
Q: How to perform system upgrades?
A: How to perform system upgrades on a T30.
Provide your device IMEI no and IMEINo of a call using buyers chat.
Go to Settings after connecting to the WIFI network.
Click on 'About Devices.'
Click on the upgrade button.
Update and get the upgrade.

Car owners will cherish OBDPEAK T30 10.26 AI screen dash cam, which brings together safety, user friendliness and high tech gadgetry. Its Android 12.0 system, wireless Carplay and Android Auto support, GPS navigation, and wireless mirror link among other innovations provide users with next level driving experience that is unmatched. Travel safer, connect and upgrade your car’s capabilities using the T30.
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