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SB Automatic Stirring Rechargeable Magnetic Mug

SB Automatic Stirring Rechargeable Magnetic Mug

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Capacity: 380ml/13oz
Color: Light gray, brown
Material: ABS and 304 stainless steel
Size: 9cm x 13.5cm/3.5" x 5.3"
Weight: 280g
Power: USB charging

Packing list: Magnetic automatic stirring rechargeable SB Automatic 1.0 unit Stirring Rechargeable Magnetic Mug


No doubt, this is one of the coolest coffee cups available. We all know how annoying it is, that sound of mixing coffee. listade's work of ethics in leadership essay It especially happens when a person grasps the spoon loudly. However, this cup comes with a small engine run on USB, which stirs your coffee silently for you. An incredible invention that marks end of the clinking sound. Definitely any office worker will get stirred up by this brave cup. convert sentenses from ai written to human written

BIG CAPACITY: SB Automatic stirring mug rechargable magnetics – 13 oz/380 ml. For sure, this is a lot of coffee for waking up.

NOT JUST COFFEE: You can use the magnetic stirring mug for all types of hot drinks such as; cocoa, tea, fruit juice, milk powdered, protein powdered and other milk-added drinks.

SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE: Large handle and one push button activation switch. Take away the magnetic stir bar and place it in a test cup. Always drink with this cup because you won’t ever need a spoon. It will help you drink your coffee or tea when driving the car, as you won’t use a spoon to stir it. Besides that, it has a cover so you can carry it out as well as brag about it at work.

ADORABLE DESIGNS: The mug has beautiful lines which come with two colors, light grey and brown-yellow featuring an amazing design. With their stylish designs and soft colors, they’ll definitely make your space feel warm and even help improve room or office style as well. The stainless steel inner construction makes it workable and durable as well. Water can also cleanse this mug.

IT WORKS ON-THE-GO: It has a usb chargeable mug one does not have to be replacing batteries all time. Magnetic stirring mugs have a small and quiet motor that softly blends together the liquids within. Magnetic construction makes stirring mug stable so the mixture doesn’t leak all over again.
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