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Robotime ROKR Parachute Tower DIY Music Box Moveable Magic Amusement Park For Kids Birthday Xmas Gifts 3D Wooden Puzzle

Robotime ROKR Parachute Tower DIY Music Box Moveable Magic Amusement Park For Kids Birthday Xmas Gifts 3D Wooden Puzzle

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Parachute Tower: Creative & fun Do It Yourself (DIY) Music Box Puzzle Kit
Parachute Tower belongs to the Magic Amusement Park Series line of 3D wooden puzzle kits. Like the traditional parachute tower seen in real amusement parks, this homemade music box provides the same feeling of creation and amusement. The designer has built on the original design prototype to develop an exciting reciprocal lifting movement for the “puzzle”.

Euro Retro with a symbolic six mangoes.
In terms of design, Parachute Tower inclines to an appearance that is characteristic of European retro styling giving it a unique and everlasting look. The designer has focused on each aspect of this design, which creates an authentic and interesting feel.

Each of these six mangoes represent protection and blessing. The symbolism makes this more than just a toy but an artwork worth admiring or keeping.

Hexagonal Base for Perfect Symmetry
The ceilings are perfectly symmetrical with the hexagonal base of the Parachute Tower. Additionally, this particular design feature improves the appeal factor of the music-box puzzle.ityEngineer: Another factor that contributes to the appeal factor is that this specific design element enhances the overall aesthetics value of the puzzles.

Classically style side windows for a warm atmosphere.
The classical-styled draping side windows are used to build up a complete understanding of atmosphere at the parachute tower. The light is absorbed by these transparent windows. Therefore, whenever there is illumination of lights in the puzzle, a pleasing atmosphere that spells magic fills and envelopes the entire room.

Three Lights for Multidimensional Illumination
Three well-placed lights on Parachute Tower enhance the scene. Each of these lights have different functions, giving the lighting experience multi-dimensionality.

Another light is placed at the roof that gives an endless glow so even when the puzzle isn’t spinning; the jigsaw will still look nice. The light enhances the beauty of Parachute Tower.
A second beam of light incorporated in the center column adds to the raising and lowering effect of the chutes. The movement aspect adds some vibrancy to the scene as a whole.
A flowing light effect is also created by another light that is placed within the hexagonal base of the lamp. The puzzle appears three dimensional with this type of light that draws in the spectator’s gaze.
This speaks volume of creativity and ingenuity as evident in the Parachute Tower DIY Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle Kit from the Magic Amusement Park Series. The designer was inspired by the actual amusement park ride, adding some European retro style elements to it, resulting in a beautiful artwork, which is at the same time a great puzzle game.

The six mangoes and the warm ambient lighting with which it is illuminated, along the symbolic parachute tower with the reciprocal lifting six mangoes makes the experience at the Parachute Tower complete. The Parachute Tower will leave you dazed either if you are a puzzle lover, an amusements park fanatic or you just love artistic creation.


184 pieces
5.5 hours assembly time
Assembled dimensions: The height of the pot is 30cm, its width is 14cm, and it is deepened up to a depth of 14cm.

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