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PIR Motion Sensor Wireless LED Lamp

PIR Motion Sensor Wireless LED Lamp

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Our 20cm /30 cm PIR Motion Sensor Wireless LED Night light to brighten your close ups, kitchen closet, hallways, and stairs. Bye-bye for the days of stumbling in the dark and opt for a better lighting end product.

This wireless led nightlight has an erected-in PIR stir detector that senses every move you make, instantaneously turning it on, making sure you have a reliable light source. Never again look up for switches or have black-outs; the light begins as soon as you step into its field-view range for optimum lighting and usability comfort.

It is a protean type of a nightlight, measuring either 20 or 30cm in length, which could be used in different places. This led beacon can be used for lighting up your closets, storages, corridors and stairs as well. The satin-finish and ultra modern design melts easily on any landscape adding an unexpected element of complex simplicity in the living area of your house.

It has a wireless design hence it is easily installed and royal thanks. A charged up-battery, and therefore no need of battery reserves. Plug in the night light into any available USB hub port of charge your phone battery pack and enjoy uninterrupted lighting when needed.

This night light features energy efficient LED bulbs which offer brighter and longer lasting illumination using as minimal power possible. It provides a trustworthiness of your light source with zero worries and unreasonably huge amounts of money being spent on high electricity bills.

Various practical features are built into the PIR stir detector night light for increased functionality. You can select various models of lightings such as continuous and motion activated ones which are based on your needs. Adjust the perceptivity and duration settings to suit your personal preferences.

The LED nightlight ensures that one does not have a hard time finding their way around a house at night as well as increasing one’s security when they are indoors. Illuminate the dark corridors, pathways for accident avoidance as well as to ease night navigations. This night light is reliable and guides you, when looking either for your commodity in the closet or while going downstairs.

Add a spark of luxury to your house with our Motion Sensor Wireless LED Night Light. It is also easy to install; you can adjust settings and it will run on a rechargeable lithium ion battery for continued illumination. This protean and effective lighting result will make your place of living safer and more accessible. Engage in the LED night light occasion and discover a more relaxed lifestyle during your day time affair.
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