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Micro DVR Cam Small Pen Camera Espias Bicycle1080P Mini Camcorder Body Motorcycle Motion Detect Audio Video Recorder Pk SQ11 A3

Micro DVR Cam Small Pen Camera Espias Bicycle1080P Mini Camcorder Body Motorcycle Motion Detect Audio Video Recorder Pk SQ11 A3

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Do you need a small but high-performance, flexible mini camera DVR designed for different uses? If you want an affordable small sized device with superior performance for your business or home, look no further then the Ambarella A7. This article comprehensively discusses some elements of the camera, application areas as well as why it is recommended by different individuals.

Main Processor (Maximum HD Support): Ambarella A7 (1080P/60FPS)

The main processor for the Ambarella A7 mini camera DVR is the Ambarella A7. It is a very powerful processor which runs smoothly for supporting HD video recording in 1080P resolution at 60 FPS. The Ambarella A7 processor offers crystal-clear visuals and great quality videos.

Image Sensor: GC series of effective megapixels, approximately 12MP.

The Ambarella A7 mini camera DVR comes loaded with a GC series image sensor that produces high quality images. It has about 12 MP megapixels which produce very clear photos. Ambarella A7 enables excellent faithfulness in images whether you are shooting great sceneries or events with action.

Package: YES, Internal memory: No ,Card type:MicroSD/TF

The package comprises of a complete set of equipment necessary for the start. It is not built in with any memory but is compatible with micro SD/Tf memory cards. It facilitates easy expansion of storage capabilities of the gadget and recording of larger videos without any constraints.

Image Stabilization: Dual Image Stabilization

The dual image stabilization of the Ambarella A7 mini camera DVR captures steady and blur-free videos even in tough circumstances. Camera shake is minimized while ensuring smooth footage, which makes this technology ideal for shooting dramatic incidents, sporting events, and expeditions.

Model Number: Portable handheld 1080p mini camera dvr surveillance.

Accordingly, A7 mini camera DVR is small enough to carry by hands. This small-sized but lightweight unit is easily portable for operations in surveillance and many other operational circumstances. This gadget is a reliable partner which monitors your home, offices and outdoors depending on your requirements.

IR Touch Screen: Night Shot Function-No, Screen Size-without.

Though Ambarella A7 mini camera DVR is devoid of both LED IR touch screen and display monitor, it retaliate by offering better night vision. NightShot function provides bright images for night scenes hence reliable and secure surveillance is guaranteed.

Weight: 100G or less, with Remote Control Voltage: 85x35x28mm

The Ambarella A7 mini camera DVR has a weight of just 0.1 kg and therefore handles very effortlessly for users. It has the size of 85 x 35 x 28 mm and hence you can easily fit carry in your pocket or your luggage. Further, the device has the remote controlling mechanism allowing easy control while away.

Battery Capacity: WiFi support three hours, yes. memory card support 128G.

The Ambarella A7 mini camera DVR boasts of a battery duration that lasts about three hours which provides reasonable recording time suitable for different operations. Wi-Fi support is another important feature that enables connection between this device and the smartphone/tablet to ensure wireless operation and remote observation in real time. It also uses SD/SDHC/UHS-I up to 80Mo/s cards with capacities of about 128G for vast photo or movie storage.

Wideangle: Widescreen: Yes Waterproof: No Display Screen: No Resolution: 130° HDMI Output: No

With an ultra wide-angle lens whose field of view is estimated at 130°, the Ambarella A7 mini camera DVR provides a wider view of the surrounding area.R Despite that it lacks HDMI out and waterproof functionality; in addition, it could be great product for inside usage and sport shooting in cases when is not necessary being underwater. The design is meant to be small and inconspicuous, and thus comes without a display screen.

Bluetooth Support: Lack of any kind of NFC support and only for night mode.

Unlike Ambarella A7 mini camera DVR that lacks NFC and Bluetooth support, it provides unmatched capabilities in night shot. An extra benefit is that it gives you clear and sharp images in the darkest situations. This ambarella A7 is a jack of all trades that can be used as home security, and even in a sports event or an expert making video.

Applications for the Ambarella AMB-A7Mini camera DVR

This makes ambarella A7 mini camera DVR ideal for use by people of different calibres in numerous applications.'); Some of the key applications include:

Home Security: Ensure peace of mind while you monitor your home, belongings, and loved ones with Ambarella A7.
Semi-Professional: Take quality high definition images and movies of different usages in the field including vlogging, multimedia, and presentations.
Extreme Sports: Capture adrenaline-pumping moments from your extreme sport activities with Ambarella A7 mini camera DVR.
Outdoor Sport Activities: Store memories of your wild life outside like hiking, cycling, kayaking or campfire stories for future reference.
Bicycle Application: Put your Ambarella A7 camera atop your bike, you will see some wonderful scenes in your riding.
Car DVR: The Ambarella A7 can be used for safety and security in the roads as a dashboard camera or car DVR.
Diving Application: Take spectacular underwater pictures when doing diving, snorkeling, or observing marine life utilizing appropriate waterproof coverings.
Beginner Application: Users friendly interphase and suitability make it ideal for beginner users.
Professional Video: Create amazing footage in 1280×720 or 1920×1080 resolution giving you a chance to flaunt yourself as an artist.

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