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Menstrual Heating Pad Smart Warm Palace Belt Relief Waist Pain Cramps Vibrating Abdominal Massager Electric Waist Belt Device 4.7 360 Reviews ౹ 2,000+ sold

Menstrual Heating Pad Smart Warm Palace Belt Relief Waist Pain Cramps Vibrating Abdominal Massager Electric Waist Belt Device 4.7 360 Reviews ౹ 2,000+ sold

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Do you have enough of the agonizing pain associated with PMS? Look no further! The incredible heating pad revolution that will change your perception of period pain. The heating pad uses innovative technology to give you the quickest pain relief within a few seconds. This is an innovative heating pad with a special design for the woman of today. Our “hot pad” is designed for quick response as it says “goodbye” to pain and “hello” to comfort.

[FAST HEATING]: How PI metal heating offers instant relief.

It features the state of art heating pad technology that employs high quality PI (metal) heating as well as advanced intelligent safety chip for unmatched warming potential. This is a PI metal heating film which is heated by an electric current that emits infrared radiation for rapid and safe heating in about 3-5 sec. Speedily acting heating causes cold to withdraw and warm up the uterus thereby relieving painful menstruation. Say goodbye to having to suffer long before getting relief and welcome immediate comfort.

Fast Fever in 3 Seconds: Say Goodbye to Menstrual Pain

Pl metal heating film is energized and releases far infrared rays that go through the subcutaneous layer down. Immediately, this targeted heat drives out the cold, relieving menstrual pain effectively. Gone are the days of suffering from unspeakable cramps. Enjoy the superior performance of our quick-heating pad.

The use of a built in smart chip for maximum safety.

Menstrual pain is not a joke, and that is why we know that safety is important while providing menstrual pain relief. To this end, our heating pad has a smart chip that includes various failsafe measures for your protection. You should sleep soundly with a clear conscience, as you and your family members is safe using our heater pad. Let us trust the experience and authority of our revolutionary design.

Can be used for different types of pain relief.

Heating pad does not only apply in relieving menstrual cramps. It can also be useful in treating back pain, abdominal cold, and other kinds of pains such as joint or muscle discomfort. Its flexible nature encourages proper circulation of blood thereby relieving the pains experienced on hands, shoulders and necks. Goodbye to numerous heated pads for each disease and welcome to our multifunctional decision.

Elastic Belt with the Right Adjustment.

We know that each woman is different and therefore have prepared an elastomeric strap for customized fixing of the back cover. The belting is adjustable with up to 52 inch measurement thus fitting even the largest of women’s figures. That is, no more fretting over the heating pad falling off or being too lose. Experience the best relief tailored just for you.


Also, the warm uterus belt has its own unique NTC intelligent system that lets you regulate the warmth. There are three types of constant temperature hot compress that you can select from to suit your own particular requirements. To change the temperature from 50℃, 55℃, and 60℃, simply press the switch button. Feel the customized relief that is unmatched.

Our heating pad has an adjustable thermostat setting, as well as a 4-gear vibration massage. The menstrual pain relief is based on massage of multi acupoints in the waist and abdomen area – that’s where the “this massage” feature works. Our innovative design empowers you to self-medicate your pain.

[EASY TO USE]: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Our LED display screen has also simplified its use in terms of warming the pad. It is easy to control as it displays the temperature as well as the vibration-massing mode on the screen. These are no complicated buttons and no confusing settings. Simplest and most convenient available at hand.

[WIDE APPLICATION]: Versatile Pain Relief

The application spectrum of our electric heating belt is broad. It warms the belly as well as the uterus; it covers the belly as well as the waist and kidneys. Our heating pad comes to your rescue whether you have menstrual cramp, back pain, stomach cold or have sore muscles. Boost your flow of blood and enjoy its associated benefits.


A big farewell to the heavy heating pads. The material in our menstrual heating pad is very light (0.5lbs). Never leave your pain behind, always take it with you. It comes with a delicate, breathable, and highly comfy covering material ensuring full-body comfort for body touch. Indeed, it is an ideal option for mother, father, women and daughter.

Therefore, the heat pack is total menstrual cramps remedy. It is a perfect tool providing fast heating, adjustable temperatures, various analgesics, lightweight design to face menstrual pains, backache, stomach sore, etc. You can trust the innovation in our designs to give you a comfortable and effective treatment. Stop allowing periods to hurt your life. Experience hassle free living through our modernized hot pack. Get it ordered today and wave ‘byebye’ to yester-year levels of ‘comfort’.

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