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Ma&Baby 6M-6Y Christmas Dress For Girls Toddler Kid Child Red Plaid Bow Dresses For Girl Xmas Party Princess Costumes

Ma&Baby 6M-6Y Christmas Dress For Girls Toddler Kid Child Red Plaid Bow Dresses For Girl Xmas Party Princess Costumes

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Kid Size

Size Chart:

80 Dress Length:44 Chest51: Age:6-12Months

90 Dress Length:50 Chest:53 Age:1-2Years

100 Dress Length:54 Chest:55 Age:2-3Years

110 Dress Length:60 Chest:57 Age:3-4Years

120 Dress Length:66 Chest:59 Age:4-5Years

130 Dress Length:70 Chest:61 Age:5-6Years

Material: Cotton polyester

Package Contents
1 x Bow Dress

Ma&Baby 6M-6Y Christmas Dress For Girls: The Best Attire for Your Princess.
It is approaching that part of the year when one must celebrate, how about putting on a lovely Christmas dress for that? For a toddler, a kid or a child between ages six months and six years, Ma&Baby will provide the ideal dress. Our Red plaid bow dress for girls is stylish, festive as well as comfy making them enjoy this Christmas season in style. This article is all about how our dresses are an ideal choice for any girl’s Christmas Party or any other special occasion as well as their notable properties.
1. Stylish and Festive Design
The Ma & Baby Christmas dress for girls has a red plaid pattern that is very festive. The old fashioned plaid style cannot get out of fashion and gives classy look to your kid’s clothes. Additionally, the dress has a cute bow making it even cuter. This red and plaid dress is appropriate for any Christmas or winter party.
2. Comfortable and High-Quality Material
It goes without saying that the little one must feel comfortable, be it during a party or any other merry moment. Why we have come up with a Soft-Breathable fabric on our Christmas Dress for Girls to make her enjoy the whole day in perfect comfort. Your baby can fully play in that case, as that is lightweight material.``
In addition, it consists of a high quality manufacturing process that ensure perfect workmanship. This means that the Maba Dress Baby is meant to last through the festive seasons including birthdays and anniversaries.
3. Versatile and Adaptable
It’s not only Christmas dress for girls – Ma&Baby Christmas Dress for Girls should be worn on some other festive occasions. This is a universal design that fits different events. This dress is ideal for a birthday party where you can have a chance to outshine an adult lady or a family gathering and any form of event. It is cute with the iconic plaid pattern and the ribbon, a perfect outfit that will never go out of date.
4. Easy to Wear and Maintain
We as parents know how important convenience is in dressing up our dear kids. Convenience was taken into account when designing the Ma & Baby Christmas Dress for Girls. A zipper closure at the back makes dressing your child a snap. Another advantage is that this dress can be washed by machine thus saving your time and hassle. Just throw it in the washing machine and you will be surprised that it is as good as new.
5. Perfect Fit for Various Sizes
The girls’s christmas dress is sized from 6 months to 6 years old. The size is very extensive, implying that there a fit for your baby doll. For proper fitting, please consult our size chart for exact measurements. Everygirl we feel should look like a princess should wear this dress.
Give your daughter a Christmas present that will make this holiday season even better by purchasing Ma &Baby 6M-6Y Christmas Dress for Girls. The style of its design, combined with the comfort of the fabric, makes it an ideal attire for all kinds of events. Put your daughter in this cute red plaid dress and a pretty bow, and she will beam as a real princess! Have ever lasting memories wearing this lovely Ma&Baby dress for life.
So why wait? Get a Ma&Baby 6M-6Y Christmas Dress for Girls to make it merry with style for your girl.
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