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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Non-Slip SUP Board Surfing Board with Air Pump Carry Bag Standing Boat Wakeboard Longboard 2022

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Non-Slip SUP Board Surfing Board with Air Pump Carry Bag Standing Boat Wakeboard Longboard 2022

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The Ultimate Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board: The Right Amount of Fun and Safety Coming Together in a Perfect Blend.
Is your body and soul ready for some great water adventure? There is nothing better for this purpose than the Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. However, this versatile board should be durable and guarantee that you have unending times enjoying yourself safely on a stable platform. This board caters for both the beginners and experienced surfers.
For beginners, it is easy and safe for all skill levels.
This paddle board has the extra-wide SU-P design that gives the first timers the freedom to stand and balance themselves easily. It offers an even ground for stability and enables one manoeuvre securely in the waters. You do not have to worry of falling off. Rather, you’ll be sliding around comfortably and securely on the surface itself.
Grade materials built to last.
This well crafted inflatable sup board is constructed using premium grade PVC material which makes it hard, strong and rigid. It is quite durable and resistant, even against scratching or being damaged extensively. This board is durable enough for fresh waters or salty marines. No matter what kind of water, it stays strong for longevity performance.
World’s best safety guaranteed through anti-slip EVA deck pad.
This SUP is equipped with a soft anti-skid EVA deck pad that will improve your security when you are standing on the board. The unique aspect is its propriety which ensures stability and greatly minimizes possibilities of accidents or injuries. The cushioning effect provided by the deck pad will reduce any injuries in case you slip or lose balance even by accident.
Maximum portability through easy inflation and deflation.
An inflatable stand up paddle board is definitely convenient. The board is inflatable which makes it possible to deflate and inflate easily which makes transporting the board possible as well as its storage. Just blow up the board using the supplied air pump whenever it is time for action. Once you have finished, easily deflate it and put it back into the included carry bag.
The Most Flexible Option Suitable for All Water Activities
This stand-up paddle is perfect for anybody who loves yoga in water, goes fishing, wants to see amazing rivers or just wants some relaxation floating on the water. Owing to its versatile nature, it is ideal for water sports involving adults, teens, and people of varying competence scales. This board can even accommodate your pet if you so desire.

Material: PVC + EVA
Color: Blue / Gray (optional)
Max Capacity: 330 lbs
Max PSI: 15 PSI / 1 BAR
Size: 320cm x 83cm x 15cm or 125.9 inches by 32.7 inches by 5.9 inches
Weight: 8.25 kg / 18.2 lb

Package List

SU-P Board
Carry Bag
Ankle Safety Leash
Repair Kit

For those desiring a stable, strong and multipurpose inflatable stand up paddleboard, this product is ideal. It has an excellent design made from top grade materials with the anti-slip deck pad guaranteeing safety and a pleasurable experience for even the novice player.ҽ Easy inflation and moveable, this board will always come with you at your most exciting water trips. Do not let go this chance to acquire the best SUP board for 2022. Buy yours now and have exciting adventures!

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