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Infant Folding Potty Training Seat Urinal Backrest Chair With Adjustable Step Stool Ladder Safe Toilet Chair For Baby Toddlers

Infant Folding Potty Training Seat Urinal Backrest Chair With Adjustable Step Stool Ladder Safe Toilet Chair For Baby Toddlers

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An adjustable step stool ladder safe toilet chair for a baby toddler.

Why potty trains are important for children.
Baby folding potty training seat urinal backrest chair.
Product characteristics and advantages.

Product Details

Material: High-quality, non-toxic plastic
Dimensions: Adjustable for all conventional toilets.
Weight capacity: For toddlers between 0 and x pounds
Color options: Blue, Pink, Green

Safe and Convenient Design

Backrest support for added comfort
Easy storage and transportation, foldable design.
Height adjustable ladder on which one can easily move towards the toilet.
For safety, there are non-slip foot pads.
To prevent any form of accidents, there has to be secure locking mechanism.

Easy Installation and Cleaning

Installation process is quicker and easy to handle.
No additional tools required
Removable seat for easy cleaning
Hygienic and easy to maintain

Enhanced Portability

Lightweight design for convenient portability
Can be used in residential premises, summer houses and while touring.
Compact folding mechanisms can easily be stored in small places.

Advantages of an Foldable Baby Toilet.^

Makes the children independent and boosts their confidence.
Ensures that your child has a comfortable potty training experience.
Teaching good toileting habits at a tender age.
Minimize of the fear and anxiety usually caused by use of adult toilet.
It is cheaper than buying training pants and diapers.

Customer Reviews
“What I like most about this potty training seat is that it is highly versatile and portable. On several occasions, it has saved our lives while travelling with kids.” said Sarah M.
My toddler’s confident use of the toilet is now possible with an adjustable step stool ladder. It also comes with a backrest that provides good support and comfort.
Emily W says “my daughter really likes the cuteness and the design of this potty seat. The transition from 1 to 5 was like a piece 1 cake to me”.
The Infant Folding potty training seat urinal backrest chair helps parents and toddlers go through one of the most crucial milestones that every child has to go through with ease and joy. The potty training seat comes with a hassle-free design that is safe and convenient to use, easy to install and clean. Purchase this premium quality, well-crafted item and observe how it helps shape your baby’s potty training experience. Get the best out of your early potty learning days for your kid with Infant Folding Potty Training Seat!

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