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eXtremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 Remap Kit, Upgrade Board & Redesigned Back Shell & 4 Back Buttons for ps5 Controller BDM-010&020

eXtremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 Remap Kit, Upgrade Board & Redesigned Back Shell & 4 Back Buttons for ps5 Controller BDM-010&020

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Give your PS5 Controller an upgrade using eXtremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 Remap Kit.

Introduction: Enhancing Your Gaming Experience
Is it possible that you want to have maximum enjoyment on your PS5? The extremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 remap kit has you covered. The BDM-010/020 is an innovative accessory, which takes the gaming into another dimension by giving it an upgraded rear cover and four additional rear keys for the play station five player. The Rise 4.0 remappable remap kit offers an easy set up installation with numerous fantastic features that can only leave game lovers wanting for more.
Product Details: What You Get
A variety of intriguing elements is provided by the eXtremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 Remap Kit that improves your gaming experience and ease. Let's take a closer look at what this kit includes:
Upgrade Board:
Upgrade board forms the main part of the eXtremeRate Remappable Rise 4.0 Remap Kit. The DualShock 0 is a controller that easily fits onto PS5 controller BDM-010&020, thereby bringing up new button combinations for an improved gaming experience. Upgrade board gives you full authority over the buttons and you are able adjust it according to you playing style.
Redesigned Back Shell:
This slim and ergonomic back shell is an improvement for the eXtremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 Remap Kit. This does not only improve the appearance of the PS5 controller, but it also makes holding onto it easier for prolonged gaming times. The quality of the back shell makes it long lasting for use.
Four Back Buttons:
Notably, this eXtremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 Remap Kit features four back buttons as its high point. The controller has these back buttons that are located at the back and under your fingertips. However, by remapping the back buttons used for such precise actions that call for quick moves in games, you can have an upper hand over the opponent. The back buttons offer a competitive advantage when playing first-person shooters and other fast-paced games like sport games.
Installation: Easy and Hassle-Free
This is where the eXtremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 Remap Kit comes into play as it was made very easy to use. It requires simple steps and it’s installing it is not difficult. It is equipped in such a way to ensure all the equipment needed for trouble free installation. In several minutes, it is possible to convert an ordinary PS5 controller into an enhanced device with additional capabilities.
Unleash Your Gaming Potential: The Benefits of Remappable Buttons
Gamers of any and every level greatly benefit from remappabble buttons. You can be swift in responding to different actions by assigning frequently used actions on the back buttons that easily allows you to perform complicated moves. This allows you to retain focus and control without having to take your fingers off the analog sticks. In addition, remappable buttons assist in reducing hand strains and fatigue so that gamers can play longer hours of games comfortably.
Customization: Tailor Your Gaming Experience
Through the eXtremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 Remap Kit, you gain the advantage of personalizing your gaming environment. Use an upgrade board to customize, for example, any button on your Playstation 5 DS4 pad with BDM-010 and BDM-020. You have a lot of options to choose from depending on whether you want to go for the usual layout or try the unconventional approach where you can even arrange your buttons. Thus, this degree of customization makes sure to personalize your control unit for your gaming manner and inclinations, providing you with upper hand to other gamers.
Conclusion: Enhance your gaming experience with eXtremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 remap kit.
Finally, the eXtremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 Remap Kit is good news for PS5 gamers. Apart from having an easy installment, improved back shell, as well as back four buttons, it comes with various advantages that make playing even more interesting. This package has got to be the most vital supplement for any casual gamer aiming to upgrade their performance, and for any professional player striving hard for victory. Get a grip on your gameplay, let loose on gaming, and upgrade on playing games with an eXtremeRate Remappable RISE 4.0 Remap Kit. /***/

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