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Electric EMS Foot Massager Pad Electrical Muscle Stimulation Foot Massager USB Charging Portable Foldable Massage Mat

Electric EMS Foot Massager Pad Electrical Muscle Stimulation Foot Massager USB Charging Portable Foldable Massage Mat

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Do you get tired of carrying your tired feet home after a draining day working? You are not alone. This is reality for many people all over the world, but they can solve it within some minutes just due to application of EMS. Love yourself first, then take care of your health because you should not forget that you are good for yourself. EMS Foot Massage provides an automatic foot massage experience just like a professional is doing it, therefore allowing you to easily perform a pedicure at home with no hassles. It is time we looked into the therapeutic aspect and also the advantages of e-meter massage feet.

Relieves Foot Pain:

Foot pain may stop you in your tracks and interfere with your day-to-day chores. EMS Foot Massage provides an excellent solution of alleviating foot pains by working on the pressure points to increase blood flow. Surprisingly, it has been discovered that it is able to bring about instant relief and rest, resulting in almost 100% alleviation of foot pain.

Easy Charging and Portability:

The ease of recharging through USB makes EMS Foot Massage among the greatest massage devices available on the market nowadays. There is no need to worry if you can locate batteries or wall sockets. It is easy to connect it to a computer, laptop or simply to a USB port and you can already begin using it. It is very handy since you can carry it around anywhere you want. You can get a nice relaxing foot massage wherever you are – at home, in the office, or even when vacationing.

User-Friendly and Versatile:

The intelligent foot massager from EMS allows you some level of customization in how your massage session is done. Its rechargeable version has five modes and ten speed settings that can be changed according to your preference. Moreover, the same principle applies for the remote control model as it can be controlled with a great level of ease. The models use rechargeable batteries that can be charged through a USB, thus no more replacement of the batteries with new ones.

Effective Massage Principles:

The massage principle used with EMS Foot Massage is vibration. These subtle but strong pulsations permeate deep into the muscle tissues, relaxing them, alleviating tension and consequently improving the well-being of the feet. This is a modern technique that mimics professional therapists’ approaches making it even more efficient and specific.

Product Specifications:

Name: EMS Intelligent Foot Massager
Size: 32cm29cm2.8cm
Power supply: USB/Battery
Massage principle: vibration
Mode Intensities:
Rechargeable with Li-ion battery 6 modes, 15 speed levels.
Lithium battery with a built-in digital display, nine speeds, and six modes of operating.
Model 1/2, lithium-battery of six modes up to nine speeds controlled by remote. The remote control and the host are both USB charged.
Battery free battery model, 6 modes and 9 power levels.
Working Voltage: 3.7V
Working time: 25 minutes
Working current: 50mA

The package includes:
1 x massage pad

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