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Electric Cupping Massager Vacuum Suction Cup GuaSha Anti Cellulite Beauty Health Scraping Infrared Heat Slimming Massage Therapy

Electric Cupping Massager Vacuum Suction Cup GuaSha Anti Cellulite Beauty Health Scraping Infrared Heat Slimming Massage Therapy

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❤️❤️12 Levels Style: Adjustable suction and infrared heat upgrade massaging experience.
Muscle relaxation and pain relief are some of the numerous health advantages associated with massage therapy since time immemorial. The massage business has progressed to incorporate high quality and hassle-free options as technology continues to grow. For example, there is the ❤️❤️12 levels style massage device that integrates both scraping and cupping methods resulting in a beauty-level relaxing effect. Thus, it is time to discover the characteristics and advantages of this multi-functional smart cupping gadget.

Adjustable Suction for Deep Physiotherapy:
In this regard, the 12 Levels-Style Massage Device has 12 levels of adjustable suction for you to set the preferred strength level. The deep physiotherapy and acupoint massage on your body relieves muscle tension and allows you relax better.
Infrared Heating for Added Comfort:
The 12 levels style unlike its counterpart, the ❤️❤️6 Levels Style massage device includes infrared heat therapy physiotherapy. It has a pre heating of 10 mins that maintains the constant temp of 45 – 50 c for uterine warming up of muscles & removing of coldness. Apart from that, it has an infra-red heat function which assists in moisture removal thus leading to healthy body.
One-Key Pressure Relief for Maximum Comfort:
The ❤️❤️12 Levels Style Massage Device contains a one key pressure relieving system that maximizes cup pleasure. Your cupping session should not be painful and should be as pleasant as possible, permitting you enjoy all the advantages of cupping.e
Enhance Blood Circulation and Boost Immunity:
This is because of the enhanced variant of the magnetic head chassis that is compatible with a wide array of essential oils thus making it suitable for use by this device. In combination with the essential oils, Dong Qui is able to dredge the meridian, promote blood circulation as well as improve immunity system. The massage device offers additional advantage as it has this feature which enhances its curative powers.
Timing Function for Convenience and Safety:
The ❤️❤️12 Levels Style Massage Device offers a convenient timing function with three-speed settings: 10, 15, and 20 minutes. This helps you choose how long the massage should be for. it is also a safety factor that provides protection from excessive use because of poor planning.
Portable and Wireless:
The Heart-shaped 12Levels Stylish Massage device has a tiny size, does not weight much and it is wireless designed for maximum convenience. It is also easy to carry around, and therefore you will be able to get the best physiotherapy at any time and any place. This massage device gives ease of use regardless of your location be it on the office, at home or while traveling.
High Quality and Safety Assurance:
In light of this, 12 levels style massage device was certified professionally for quality standards and safety measures. This makes you enjoy your time with this devise because you have an assurance that through testing and approval; it is ready for optimal performance and safety.
Product Specifications:

Material: ABS
Color: Green
Size: 19.599cm
Weight: 250g
Packing size: 22.5139.5cm
Input voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz
Battery model: AA lithium battery 12 levels (1800mah), 6 levels (1600mah).
Output voltage: 5V
Power: 8W
Instructions for Scraping and Cupping:
Scraping: Select first gear and introduce essential oils only. When scraping, make sure to move much faster to prevent suction on the same spot.
Cupping: Apply essential oils before cupping. Set the suction according to your choice, leaving 10 minutes on every area. Press power off button or one key pressure relief.

Specifically for vulnerable people, the duration of such treatment sessions as the initial one should be reduced to less than 20 minutes.
Scraping should last from three to five minutes, and another cuppins or scrupples should occur at least in a five-day period.
Take warm water after scraping in order to restore lost body fluid levels as well as accelerate metabolism processes. Keep away from water contact for twenty four hours.
Scrape marks may disappear after 1 hr (mild), or even 6 hrs (moderate/severe). After scourging or cupping, wash it off at one, three, or six hours depending on the severity of the marks.
Scraping and cupping should be avoided for individuals with critical illnesses, pregnancy, skin diseases, etc., in addition to people fully or hungry.
Packing List:

1* Cupping Device
5* Filter Sponge
1* USB Charging Cable
1* English User Manual
Try out the best-in-class ❤️❤️12 Levels Style Massage Device for maximum stress-relieving and health enhancing effects. The smart cupper is highly adjustable with suction, infra-red heating and many others all aimed at relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow and promoting well-being. Have the pleasure of a rejuvenation massager-invest in your health.

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