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The dual-side magnetic glass cleaner will revolutionize the industry for window cleanings. It has powerful magnets that enable it to glide on the surface of the glass. It washes both sides simultaneously, saving you time as well as work. An automatic water discharge system makes sure your mirror remains with a streak free shine without having to keep on refilling.

It is an ideal innovation for people who wish to have shiny windows without the troubles and inconveniences that come with old-style cleaning equipment. The dual side design helps in cleaning the two faces simultaneously which is convenient for difficult to reach locations. Our dual-side magnetic glass cleaner that has strong magnets for efficient automatic window cleaning. The end of annoying window cleaning is here. Say hi to a smarter approach towards keeping windows clean and shiny.

Enjoy cleaning your way to the future with a Dual-Side Magnetic Glass Cleaner. This is a portable and handy machine that makes window cleaning easier than ever before. A thorough cleaning of the glass surfaces is guaranteed by its dual-action construction and hands free utilization. This is a must-have item for your daily household cleaning routine!

Innovative Cleaning Technology: With Magna-Clean Glass Cleaner, we bring you a new innovation to ARAAM. Thanks to this powerful magnetic technology, our product cleanses both faces of your glass at once, saving you a lot of time and labor in the process.
Effortless Cleaning: Farewell the tedium of the traditional process for windows cleaning. Our Magnetic Glass Cleaner smoothly moves over your glass surfaces leaving no blemishes. Say goodbye to strain as we have a cleaner that will work on your behalf in every hard or top spot.

Automatic Water Discharge: Do you get tired repeatedly stopping to refill your cleaning tool? We have a built-in water discharge mechanism that allows us to keep cleaning constantly and without any stops. As such, you will clean your house once over.
Quality and Durability: Quality and Durability is what ARAAM emphasizes on. Sturdiness characterizes our magnetic glass cleaner thus it is made using strong materials and able to endure frequent usage. Buy a cleaner that can give you a good service for many years.
Simplify Your Cleaning Routine: Using the Dual-Side Magnetic Glass Cleaner manufactured by ARAAM makes it simple to clean your windows. Discover the ease and efficiency in cleaning process without using your hands that will simplify your housework.

Select ARAAM’S (DUAL-SIDED MAGNETIC GLASS CLEANER) as the easy way to make your windows shine with no hustles.

Dual-Side Window Cleaning: Clean both sides of windows effortlessly.
Mirror & Glass Surfaces: Get clean mirrors and glass surfaces without hassle.
Shower Doors: Make sure shower doors are clean and free of any water spots.
Tabletops & Counters: It is easy to maintain glass surfaces in their impeccable condition.
Car Windows: Make windows shine and create high visibility in a snap.

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