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Car Tracker Magnetic Mini Car Tracker GPS Real Time Tracking Locator Device Recordable Anti-lost Rechargeable Locator

Car Tracker Magnetic Mini Car Tracker GPS Real Time Tracking Locator Device Recordable Anti-lost Rechargeable Locator

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Car Tracker Magnetic Mini Car Tracker GPS: On-the-spot monitoring at your fingertips.
Safety or security has become one of the prime concerns in today’s fast life. Having an accurate auto finder not only helps you in protecting your property or following your family members on the road but also prevent a thief from stealing your vehicle. Advanced devices such as Car Tracker Magnetic Mini Car Tracker GPS allow you to track it in real time and prevent theft.
Specification: All You Need to Know
Color and Material
The Magnetic Mini Car Tracker GPS Car Tracker comes in one color of matte black for a minimalist sophistication look. Composed of strong plastic that cannot break easily even during daily activities.
Size and Portability
This smallest size of a car tracker has a measurement of only 35.2 x 14 mm making it very small and easy to manage. Its mobile design is convenient for you to secretly install in your car so that they will not draw too much attention towards them.
GPS Positioning Accuracy
In terms of tracing, it’s all about accuracy. It provides a remarkably accurate GPS positioning of up to one hundred meters with the magnetic mini car tracker GPS. It enables you to always know where your car is at all times, point-accurate.
Expansion Card Compatibility
This car tracker can support a Mini TF card for more storage space. In addition, you can install an expansion card that allows for storing even more data, making sure every little thing is recorded.
Antenna Type and GSM Band
This car tracker comes with a GSM/GPRS antenna that provides stable and unbroken communication. The handset works on the common GSM bands; 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz allowing it to synchronize with most networks worldwide.
GMS Locating Time
For instance, time becomes more important when a situation is uncontrollable. It offers an incredible tracking time of a mere 25 seconds known as the “Car Magnetic Mini”. This will give you a lead time to locate where your vehicle is at every moment hence enabling quick response to any situation that occur involving your vehicle.
Power Input and Output
Therefore, this car tracker is developed with convenience in mind. This is easily powered via an AC 110-220 V 50/60 Hz power source that most households are endowed with. It comes with a flexible power output of DC 5V 300-500mA to allow you charge your other devices while on tour.
Battery Capacity and Working Voltage
The other criterion for choosing a dependable car tracker is battery time. This mini car tracker runs on a 3.7V 400mAh lithium based battery that guarantees efficient power supply. It runs on a working voltage of 3.4 – 4.2V DC, making it reliable to function for an increased time period.
Temperature and Humidity Tolerance
This car’s locator is unaffected by any weather condition. This type has the lowest storage temperature (from -40 °C to +85°C) and the lowest operational temperature (from -20 °C to +55°C), i.e., it resists extreme conditions. Moreover, it is designed to work properly in relative humidity from 0% to 100%.
Standby and Speaking Current
Low power consumption means efficiency; this car tracker helps in this regard. Its standby current is only 2.5 mA which enhances its battery’s power saving. The speaking current is 150mA, which makes voice interaction to be audible and uninterrupted.
The best investment you can make for your car’s safety as well as that of your family members would be a reliable car tracker. The car tracker magnetic mini car tracker gps provides real time tracking, antitheft features as well as other specification which ensures efficiency and convenience. It will ensure your peace of mind knowing that your vehicle has an accurate compact security every minute. For superior peace of mind, opt for the Car Tracker Magnetic Mini Car Tracker GPS – no compromise on safety.

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