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Asgard ddr4 ram memory ddr4 8GB16GB 32GB 3200MHz 3600MHZ 4000MHZ ram ddr4 T3 Series for PC desktop

Asgard ddr4 ram memory ddr4 8GB16GB 32GB 3200MHz 3600MHZ 4000MHZ ram ddr4 T3 Series for PC desktop

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Memory Capacity

Note: Will the Memory Products Fit on Your Motherboard? Things You Should Check Before Placing the Order
Do you intend to increase the memory capacity of your computer so as to boost its speed? When this is the case, one should note that not all memory chips work hand in hand with a given motherboard. In specific, for a motherboard model, x99, x79, it is essential to take into account several factors. To make an upgrade without hassles; it is important to verify that the motherboard as well as the CPU are compatible with such specifications you intend to buy. Let's dive in!
The Frequency Factor: 3000MHz and Beyond
When talking about updating your memory, the frequency with which the same functions are important. The memory products at 3000Mhz and above do not conform to the J.E.D.E.C. standard but opt for X.M.P. standard. It is also important to remember this prior to buying such memory modules.J
Check for X.M.P. Compatibility
It is necessary to ascertain if your motherboard and CPU support XMP standard to make sure that your new memory modules run at the desired frequency. X.M.P. or Extreme Memory Profile is an enhanced extension of the standard BIOS, and it supports memory configurations that exceed J.E.D.E.C. specs.
However, should your motherboard and CPU not be upgraded to support the X.M.P. standard, the memory modules will run at either 2666MHz or 2400MHz, the latter being the more likely option in this case. Therefore, the memory modules’ higher frequencies might not be available for your use in total.q
Possible Limitations With CPU/MOTHERBOARD Combos
An additional issue that must be taken into account when working with memory speeds at 3000 Mhz and beyond is that of the CPU-motherboard pairing. However, there could be instances where your system may fail to establish a two-channel or multichannel configuration if you are using two SIMM’s or four RAM’s together.
Therefore, one should use as manufacturer’s own test result in order to avoid any possible compatibility problem with mixed types. In this case, you will avoid any possible mismatching and will have an assurance that your memory modules function as they are supposed to.
Rigorous Testing and Reliable Warranty
It is important to ensure quality and performance while buying memory devices. Asgard Loki values quality in its products and delivery. We perform stringent tests on each of our memory modules before shipping them to ensure that they conform to our quality criteria.
However, if one encounters issues regardless of all the troubleshooting techniques adopted, our team will be glad to help. In such circumstances, we may consider giving a replacement. Please replace them by using airmail through your local post office. Furthermore, be informed that we do not process refunds via DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT and others. Upon getting the tracking number we will immediately mail in the replacement parts.
All replaced products should come in their original packaging and be as pristine as when they were delivered.
Final Thoughts: How to Squeeze Maximum Performance From a Memory-Upgrade.
Enhancing the memory of a computer is one way of improving its speed. Still, you need to verify interoperability with both motherboard and CPU otherwise, you will not derive maximum returns on investment. Before upgrading, checking whether you have appropriate support for the X.M.P. standards will help save money and time you might spend on additional features.
We sell numerous categories of memory pieces among which is our popular T3 series at Asgard Loki. We provide lifetime replacement warranty for our memory modules, which are long lasting. Also, we have various certificates like CE, ROHS, FCC, and ISO9001 that show how serious we are about quality.
Go for it, trust your upgrade and release all possible functions of your PC with Asgard Loki memory goods!

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