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Accurate and Portable LED Digital Scale for Kitchen - 1Pc, 5Kg Capacity

Accurate and Portable LED Digital Scale for Kitchen - 1Pc, 5Kg Capacity

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Preciseness cannot be negotiated when it comes to cooking. Accuracy in measuring ingredients is essential not only if you are a professional chef but also when you are just a home cook. That’s why we have a portable lever scale. Enhanced with highly accurate digital display functionality and easy-peel mechanism, this scale guarantees no cooking disappointment. This article analyzes our scale’s attributes and advantage in the kitchen.
High Accuracy: Get more accurate measurements for all your kitchen needs.
The high precision of 0.1g is what makes our scale among the most accurate ones ever existing. This scale is quite efficient in that it measures accurately, whether you are dealing with flour, sugar or spices which form the essence of a good recipe. Goodbye to guesswork, consistency each time.
Portable Design: Ideal for kitchen or store take away.
However, many people would like their kitchens to be as convenient as possible. This explains why our lever scale is light making it easy to move with. This scale is a handy partner for you while cooking, as well as when going to the supermarket. It is small and easy to keep inside a bag or drawer till needed.
Digital Display: Simple-to–read weight scales even at night or low light conditions
Our scale is digitally displayed with large print numbers so it can be easily read even under poor lighting conditions. Its clear and bright screen offers visibility for measuring the amount of food being used in real time avoiding eye strain. This scale will enable you to read your measurement regardless of whether it is early in the morning or in the evening when cooking.
Lever Scale: Effortless and user-friendly
Our lever-type scale is very convenient and simple in operation. The lever scale does away with the need for greater efforts and precision that are required by other forms of scales. The lever mechanism works by having you simply place your ingredients on the scales surface. You will get precise results without wasting time and energy.
Peeling Function: Improving comfort and productivity in cooking.
Interestingly, we also have a peel on our lever scale. It is a unique feature that enables users to reset the initial reading of the scale to zero after setting their containers on top. You only need to push that scale-peel button to enable an instant readjustment. The multi-weigh function saves time and makes cooking easy since you do not have to remove the container to weigh each ingredient one at a time.
To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our lever scale, here are the specifications:

Maximum weighing capacity: Maximum loading capacity of 5kgs (the product cannot be overloaded and might get damaged in the event that it gets ruined during transportation).
Product Size: 163mm * 125mm* 33mm
Graduation value: 5000g/1g
Measurement unit: G and lb units can be toggled by a switch.
Power supply: No. 7 battery * 2 units
Random gift: 2 No. 7 batteries
Packaging method: Safe, color box in plastic foam packaging (for transport)
Special Reminders:
To ensure optimal usage of our lever scale, please keep in mind the following tips:
Do not stack items on the weighing surface when it is idle to increase battery lifespan, and ensure optimal performance.
Ensure you put the item at the middle of when weighing for better accuracy.
Avoid hitting hard at the weight.
Do not use the scale in areas with water stains and do not wash it with water.
Reasons for Recommendation:
Our lever scale offers numerous advantages that make it highly recommended:
Energy efficient and low consumption of electricity.
Small compact size that is ideal for storing and transportation.
Peels off for more convenience when cooking and improved innovation.
In closing, our portable lever scale is the best option for you when it comes to a dependable, precise, and comfortable scale in your cooking expedition. It’s a multi-functional tool whose features include high accuracy, digital display, portability, and peeling. In the kitchen, bid goodbye to guesses and hello to perfection. Don’t hesitate to take hold of our lever scale now, and open up endless flavors.
Kindly note that a difference of 1—3 cm is allowed for manual measurement.
Because of different screen and light, the image might reflect another shade rather than the real color of an object. Thanks for your understanding.

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