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20 in 1/8 in 1 Digital camera Headset Mobile Phone Laptop Keyboard Cleaning tool Set Cleaning brush

20 in 1/8 in 1 Digital camera Headset Mobile Phone Laptop Keyboard Cleaning tool Set Cleaning brush

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Have you been tired by the ubiquitous dust-particles and dirt on your electrical products? Oh! How annoying to know that all you need is not always enough for these expensive gadgets.

Original Text: The concept of communication on the internet, which is nowadays a very popular phenomenon. It unites people across the globe, makes communication more accessible, and brings everyone a little bit closer. On the other hand, higher level of connectivity leads to new difficulties and doubts including cyber bullying, personal data confidentiality and false information diffusion. It is crucial that we learn and share with society what are the right ways into this digital world.ICENSED

Recreated Text: The internet has changed how we get information across and communicate among ourselves bringing people of different cultures together. In addition, this enhanced connectivity also gave way to new hurdles and fears like cyber bullying, spamming or wrong information spread, internet surveillance and the other issues related to social network sites. We need to learn and teach each other how properly and safely we can traverse this digital landscape.
Here comes our 20-in-1 cleaning kit. 🚀 This kit is easy to use on your tech and doesn’t leave it dirty or clogged with dust.

This topic has manifold benefits.
Thorough cleaning experience for all your technology requirements such as keyboards, screens, headphones, etc.0

We take a soft approach which means that your devices are not harmed in any way.

This item comes convenient with a high level of portability and storability.

Through it, you improve the efficiency of your various digital devices.

For a successful result, please take note and have some screen brush for your camera. This one-of-a-kind product makes it possible for you to get rid of any dust, smudges, and dirt that could be covering the lens. That would give you the best possible level of clarity and quality in photographs.
Increase in length of this air-blown pole to get more spread.
The spray bottle here is for delicate cleansing and should be mixed with own water.

The 20-in-1 Multifunctional Cleaning Kit is composed of a set of practical and handy cleaners designed to protect your most valuable stuff as well as keeping them function optimally. 🛡️

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Dimensions: 8.9 cm by 5.7 cm for the product.


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