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1pcs Multi Functional Three Layer Leather Drawer Style Jewelry Box Earrings Earrings Lock Jewelry Box

1pcs Multi Functional Three Layer Leather Drawer Style Jewelry Box Earrings Earrings Lock Jewelry Box

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Exquisite Three Layer Jewelry Box: The Best Storage Solution for your Acccessories
Do you find that locating your favorite earrings and keeping your jewelry well-organized has become difficult lately? There is no better place to start than the deluxe three-layered jewelry case. The three layered structure of this jewelry box coupled with its secure locking system, designer pull-out functionality, and leather covering make it the ultimate solution for the storage of your treasured accessories. Now let us discuss some of the features that earn this jewelry case an indispensable spot in your possession.

Maximum storage in three layer design.
The leather-covered jewelry box with three layers is very spacious; enough so for storing all your ear-rings, necklaces, bracelets, ring etc. Say goodbye to worries of losing your expensive jewelry and wasted time untangling necklaces! The three-layered design makes it simpler to manage since everything will have his home.

Secure locking mechanism
This jewelry box comes with a lock to guarantee security for your goods all the time. This will assure you a piece of mind as the case for the safe keeping of these expensive accessories is guaranteed against anyone who would gain access without permission. This jewellery box comes with a secure locking system that makes it safe for such valuables as sentimental family heirlooms or precious jewelry.

Elegant drawer-style design
This jewelry box has a unique and minimalist drawer-style which bids farewell to messy counter spaces. Jewelry drawer compartments are handy because they enable sliding the drawers open for easy access to your jewelry. This elegant design makes it not only add beauty to your possessions, but also be an ideal gift in any occasion. Any occasion, be it one’s birthday, anniversary, or some other holiday, will certainly be impressed by this jewelry box.

Durable leather material
This jewelry box is made from quality leather and is designed to be durable. Additionally, the durable material of these boxes ensures long-term use and beauty amidst daily wear and tear. This tough structure protects your precious accessories from any outer damages. No matter whether you take this jewelry box with you during your travel or keep it on your vanity, it will remain flawless for ages.

Product Description:
Name: Exquisite three-layer jewelry box
Uses: Jewelry, watches and other accessories.
Color: white, green, pink, black
Size: Length: 17.5 cm; width: 14cm; height: 11cm–13cm
Material: a premium waterproof fabric and a major safety clip.
Weight: Weight ± 20g, 700g.
Package: A white box from the outside and inside of PE transparent bag.
Notice: Gently clean using a piece of clean and soft cloth.

Finally, the well adored tri-layered jewelry box is changing the style of storing accessories for everyone. The three-layer structure with an advanced locking mechanism, sophisticated draw style and quality leather makes its ideal for every home. Forward tangled necklaces, lost earrings, and misplaced jewellery. Make an investment in this jewel box, for it is the easiest way to display and extract your precious pieces.

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